First impressions aren’t made twice
While crucial, it doesn’t end there, and we understand that. That’s why we communicate your brand identity and engage with your target audience through the channels that matter. After raising awareness, you want your early visitors to become your brand’s advocates. Nothing validates your brand more than satisfied customers eagerly spreading the word. This is what we strive to accomplish.

How can Datawave help my brand?

We don’t adopt an omni-channel ‘fire and forget’ approach to Digital Marketing like many others do. We gauge the relevance of each facet of digital marketing and each channel to your offerings and objectives, and tailor an approach accordingly.

When it comes to managing marketing budgets, we treat your spends like they’re our own. We don’t believe in unnecessarily excessive expenditure. We believe in first optimizing the metrics that matter, whether it’s cost per click or conversion rate, before ramping up.

Digital Marketing

While Digital Marketing itself is made up of a whole number of sub-activities, the following are our specialties:


Search Engine Optimization

SEO’s primary objective is to make your website rank higher for search terms you’d expect your target audience to use to find you. A big list of factors must be addressed during a website’s development and upkeep to increase the chances of this happening. SEO’s second, less obvious objective, which is almost as important, is to maintain general website hygiene like site load speed optimization, de-duplication of website content, mitigation of broken links & content, and optimization of User Experience.


Search Engine Marketing

SEM encompasses any paid search ad campaigns – with Google AdWords (for text ads) & Google Display Network (for display ads) being the primary outlets.

SEM is split up further into PPC (Pay-Per-Click) & CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions). As a general rule of thumb, PPC campaigns are goal-driven, like ‘ecommerce conversion’ or ‘enquiry form submission’, while CPM campaigns are branding driven. Depending on your objectives, and the number of products & services you offer, SEM campaigns vary in level of complexity. Keyword research and bid management are the key components dealt with.

Keyword research aims to figure out exactly what people are searching for when they type in a search engine query, where they’re searching from and how many searches there are for a given brand/product/service.

Bid management plays an important role because SEM is an auction-based system. Advertisers bid what they’re willing to pay per click-through to their website, or for every 1000 impressions of their ads. Ad positions and placements vary depending on what an advertiser is willing to bid. Keenly researching, monitoring and optimizing campaigns as they progress are the activities we as SEM experts delve into.

Our primary motive is to ensure you’re generating maximum Returns on Investment (RoI) on your ad spends. If you set high bid amounts, your ads will consequently occupy the best ad spots and ranking positions, but as an online marketing agency, we strive to ensure you’re never overpaying. Bid amounts are adjusted with changes in the competitive landscape for your targeted campaigns.


Social Media Management

We take great care in understanding how you position your brand and what you’re trying to convey to consumers when we take up social media management. Identifying which platforms and channels to maintain a presence on is important; we’ve seen countless examples of pages, accounts, profiles and channels created by brands across platforms that have become defunct soon after.

You don’t want that. Better to stick to what’s manageable, and more importantly, the platforms for which you’re confident you can generate content and where you’re sure your audience lives.

SMM comprises managing both organic activities and engagement as well as paid social campaigns. Posting updates, syndicating useful, relevant content, managing targeted ad campaigns across platforms and engaging in two way communications with your audience are some of the key social media activities we excel at.

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